Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sometimes life gets in the way

Everyone that I know is busy...work, school, family, hobbies, chores, the holidays. Life happens and sometimes it can throw you a curve ball.

In the three weeks (arghhh!) since I last posted; I turned 40, the show that I directed was produced, some major health issues have cropped up, Thanksgiving has come and gone, I have learned a new skill, and I have been making if not sharing.

  The last morning in my 30s, I taught myself to needlefelt. I love it and have lots of projects in my mind. Stay tuned after Christmas for some photos of an applique/embroidery/needlefelt project. Can't spoil a holiday surprise though...

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I spent a LOT of time making gifts. Between Thursday night and Monday morning, I only left the house once (to see the new Bond film.) It was GLORIOUS!

I have a Holiday Bazaar on Sunday afternoon and I hope to make a few pieces for my sketchbook later this week. Shop small this year!

I am super excited to have learned to make a granny square and flowers. I may not get much time to utilize them this year, but watch out 2013!

I learned this new holiday pattern too. It needs some refining, but I am pretty pleased with my very first attempt :)

Okay, these are just adorable.

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